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Doc 'welshes' again: Cover

Steve Communicates

Steve Communicates- Again   

Steve Communicates - And Again

Frank Pugliese - Private Investigator Report

Steve withdraws coerced plea agreement

Attorney General Response

My Response to Attorney General

Doc's Motion to Withdraw   

My Response to Doc's Motion to Withdraw

Investigator's Response to Doc's Motion to Withdraw

Kevin Brown Grievance

Investigator Complaint

Miller Supreme Court Grievance

_____________________________________ Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Index to Exhibits

Exhibit #1 Email from Gartin to Miller 4-5-04 = Docís Anger Management Issues

Exhibit #2 Supreme Court Brief ~ Appeal of 97M811

Exhibit #3 Supreme Court Brief ~ Page 17

Exhibit #4 Supreme Court Brief ~ Page 60

Exhibit #5 Email from Gartin to Miller 3-13-04 = BLACKwall of NONcommunication

Exhibit #6 Email from Miller to Gartin 4-7-04 = Docís Anger Management Issues and preparation for the April 8th Hearing

Exhibit #7 Email from Gartin to Miller 3-18-04 = Communication

Exhibit #8 Email from Gartin to Miller 4-3-04 = Protective Seclusion

Exhibit #9 Email from Gartin to Miller 3-18-04 = The upcoming hearing and planning stage

Exhibit #10 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 13 = Miller breaches Attorney/Client confidence

Exhibit #11 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 16 = Millerís perjured Motion for Forgiveness

Exhibit #12 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 18 = Miller mis-states the purpose of the Motion

Exhibit #13 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 19 = Miller quotes wrong statutes

Exhibit #14 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 40 = Millerís "Exhibit B" resulting in prosecution of Steve Gartin

Exhibit #15 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 57 Case # 01CV1311 ~ Appeal of 97M811 ~ Miller fails to prosecute and results in Dismissal

Exhibit #16 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 62 = Miller fails to prosecute case 01CV1311

Exhibit #17 Gartin letter to Miller demanding return of evidence and files

Exhibit #18 Gartin letter to Miller concerning trial vs. plea bargain

Exhibit #19 FAX to Fatzinger reporting civil suit regarding fee-splitting = 04C1779 May 14, 2004

Exhibit #20 FAX to Sapakoff reporting fee-splitting in Brown Case (Grievance #03-03413)

Exhibit #21 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 86 = Millerís retaliatory letter to Langfield

Exhibit #22 Discovery case #04CR2541 page 87 = Massaroís letter to Clyman

Exhibit #23 Gartin note to Miller outlining legal issues Miller agreed to pursue

Exhibit #24 04C1779Transcript-Page74 - Miller confesses to Langfield Agreement

Exhibit #25 Millerís Handwritten note admitting he had Dr. Hadasí financial records

Exhibit #26 Dr. Pamela Hadasí suit against Miller for theft of $120,000

Exhibit #27 Investigator Puglieseís suit against Miller for extortion and slander

Exhibit #28 Chas Clementsí letter to John Gleason concerning dismissal of grievance

Exhibit #29 Chas Clementsí letter to Judge Lucero complaining about Grievance personnel

Exhibit #30 Email from Chas Clements to Investigator Frank Pugliese concerning extortion attempt

Exhibit #31 Chas Clementsí suit against Miller for abandonment and breach of contract

Exhibit #32 Marleen Langfieldís personal note to Attorney Miller concerning 97M811

Exhibit #33 Judge Munsinger orders Miller to File 35C Motion



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